Monday, 24 September 2018


Went down to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there at just after 8.00 AM.It was sunny and till a cool breeze got up later it was quite pleasant.

I'd come down mainly to keep getting better at using the new camera/lens which I can now say after nearly a month of ownership is pretty impressive and is proving to be a good move selling the Canon DSLR camera/lens.The new kit is compact and much lighter, takes great shots when you get everything right, has great reach (double that of my old 400mm lens) and a very good video.

Most of the shots I take now I could not get anywhere near as close with the old set up.

A reflection shot of some Lapwings on the CP pool

Haven't had much opportunity to try for some shots of smaller birds as my back garden feeding station is going through a bad patch (no visitors).A brief visit by a Nuthatch on the Oak feeders gave me a chance.

Had a go at some flight shots which turned out OK but the subjects were easy.

The star attraction was on site again this time perching at a new spot for me a bush that somehow has grown on one of the Tern floats.Pleased with these pics as it was easily 70 m distant from the Oak hide.

Some closer shots with the lens zoomed up to the equivalent of 600mm

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