Thursday, 18 October 2018


Went to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there at 9.00 AM.It was fairly bright but a bit chilly.

Resisting taking any more shots of Big Whitey who was on the gravel spit I did have a chance of getting some shots of a Kestrel from the Oak hide but it was into the sun and distant.

Just as it threatened to come close  a couple of BH Gulls decided to attack so no decent shots

There were at least 3 Green Sandpipers on the RW pool but always distant.Patience paid off when one came very close to the Oak hide.

The big pump brought in several days ago to lower the RW pool water was actually working today and the water level was way down.Pity it can't be kept at this level as there were lots of mud exposed ideal for waders.This is a shot of the pump taken from the river hide.

Whilst in the river hide I saw that there was another Green Sandpiper on show.I thought for a while it had only one leg but the amazing thing was it was only a few feet away from the pump which was very noisy.

The GBB Gull was on the CP pool again.You can see how much bigger it is than the nearby LBB Gull.


Had to take drastic action to get more birds on the feeders so I moved one of the feeding stations near a tree and left the bird house feeder where it was but with less feeders on it.Pleased to say that things are much better with a lot more birds visiting.

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