Friday, 1 March 2019


Thought I'd better do a blog post to show I'm still around.Still got this virus which coupled with old age aches and pains lays you pretty low but the great weather earlier in the week got even me to go out with the camera.

Traveled the couple of miles to Brueton Park mid morning on Wednesday.The main lake was pretty quiet except for the hybrid Whooper Swans.It must be 15 years ago in the same spot that they fooled me into thinking I'd found a pair of genuine Whooper Swans.

In the nature reserve at the back of the cafe I soon found a Goldcrest that was busily feeding in conifer trees.Had the usual battle trying to get shots but managed a few. Cracking little birds.

As I walked round the small pond in the nature reserve I was surprised to find 7 Goosanders (2 males and 5 females).There is little cover round the pond so getting decent shots was very hard.They were always at the other end of the pond to where I was.Here is one of many shots I got showing them heading away from me.Nice to see though.

Later on in the back garden a pair of Common Buzzards put on a show but they were very high.


David Gascoigne said...

Good to get out and about and perhaps these birds were just the tonic you needed.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you out and about again, although I think we can all go back into hibernation mode again this week!