Monday, 18 March 2019


Still very much in hibernating mode so have not ventured out with the camera since my last post.This is pretty sad really because it wasn't too many years ago I would travel all over the country at all times of the year to photograph birds but slowly the distance I'm prepared to go has reduced steadily to now only very local places.Tip for any remaining followers of this blog : Don't get old.

Have prevented the camera from rusting up by taking some shots of birds visiting my garden feeders. The weather hasn't helped but the birds visiting the garden in the winter these last couple of years has diminished greatly with no Bramblings, Siskins or Repolls seen.

The best visitor was a single brief visit from a male Blackcap. A couple of Coal Tits visit often but stay so no time at all so are hard to get a shot of.Here are a few shots some taken through the double galazed windows though due to the strong winds.

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