Saturday, 23 March 2019


These days I am going out with the camera to very local places not known as birding spots but are pleasant to walk round and then only when the weather is OK.

On Wednesday morning I popped over to Brueton Park.The main lake was pretty quiet except for a large Dobberman (not on a lead of course) that checked me out but didn't decide to bite me and a pair of large Gulls that I hoped were Yellow Legged but were LBB Gulls.

In the small reserve through through the cafe I did very well.Things got off to a good start when I met a stunning blonde photographer at the top end who was unfortunately after insects and not birds so we did not team up.Story of my life ! ! !

I soon cheered up because I found a cracking Goldcrest which for the hour I was there did not stop singing.Great birds.

I had further luck on the small pond because I thought nothing was there at first but just about glimpsed a couple of female Goosanders that were hiding among the low branches at the  edge of the pond.

On Thursday morning I popped over to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton.The early morning sunshine soon disappeared and I struggled to see much to point the camera at.

I heard and saw a few Nuthatches but they were high in the trees so no shots except this so so shot of one on the ground.  

Did have some luck with a Treecreeper. I spotted it on a tree close to the path but just as I was getting some shots it disappeared right in front of my eyes.Only when it re appeared again right in front of my eyes did I realize it was making a nest.Here are some shots of it with nesting material.

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