Monday, 22 April 2019


For me these days I went out on a big trip with the camera this morning.All of the 15 miles to Bubbenhall Meadows where up to 3 Cuckoos had been reported the day before. I'd never been before but I knew the turn off the main road to the reserve access road.

What I didn't know though was that the access road was a bit of a nightmare for this old goat.It was single track with blind bends and very few passing places but I got to the CP OK.Mind you I had to remember the gate code for the first time in many years.

Not really knowing where to go I was lucky because the path I chose had a viewing screen with benches a short way along it.Within a few seconds I saw about 40 meters away these two chaps after the same perch. A Common Whitethroat and a Stonechat both my first of the year.

The Stonechat only stayed about a minute not to be seen again and never came close but very nice to see.

The Common Whitethroat did stay and I managed some OK shots from distance the micro 4/3 camera and lens did well.Eventually the bird came close but it at the exact moment my phone went off.It was my younger son needing some gardening advice.The bird flew off of course.

Two Cuckoos were calling out but from a long way off.I did get one sighting of them as they flew over the wood.No shots.

There was compensation for this as I spotted a Red Kite cruising around but by the time I ( Captain Slow) got onto it was 1 1/2 fields away.

Eventually the Common Whitethroat did come close (about 5 meters away) and I got some good shots.I then left and was very relieved I didn't meet a 4X4  coming the other way.

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