Friday, 19 April 2019


Been out with the camera a few times in this nicer weather.Been to Baddesley Clinton ,Shustoke Reservoir and Earlswood but have struggled to get any decent shots.

The only shots I took at Baddesley Clinton were of a Wren.Nothing else was about.

Did have a Curlew flyover at Shustoke but nothing else.This morning I went over to Earlswood to find a Yellow Wagtail.Went to the craft centre paddocks first but had to spend a while trying to get some shots of some Swallows that were flying around. This is all I got.

Just as I was about to move on I spotted a Yellow Wagtail a fair way off but very pleased to see one.I only got two shots off before it flew off.

Did no good with my first visit to the Red Lion donkey paddock and only got a shot of a Great Crested Grebe on the lakes.


A second visit to the pub paddock I had more luck as I found two Yellow Wagtails but they were a long way off and never came close.The sun was in my eyes so no decent shots but very nice to see.

To show I have taken some good shots of these chaps here is one I took earlier 6th April 2009 at Marsh Lane.

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