Saturday, 25 May 2019


Being a Fairweather birder and with the weather this last week being pretty decent I went out with the camera to a few of my local places hoping to see some decent birds to photograph.

A couple more shots of the Grey Wagtails I found at Hatton Locks.

I was pleasantly surprised when on a visit to an old friend in Hatton  and having a coffee in her back garden I spotted quite a few House Martins nesting in the eaves of her and her neighbour's houses.I grabbed the camera to get some shots.The trouble was they were flying around so fast I struggled to get any shots so I had to settle for this.

At Baddesley Clinton NT property I had some success.I got my first decent shot of a Blackcap this year. 

The roof of the main house proved a good spot.Two smart Pied Wagtails showed well.

Also on the house roof from the inner courtyard I managed some decent shots of the only two Swallows on site.Usually there are dozens there.

Followers of this blog (if there are any left) know I love Spotted Flycatchers and chase them up every Summer. Baddesley Clinton has been pretty reliable for them but even so I was very pleased to see one on the main house roof.That was the good news the bad was I couldn't get close because as I moved forward a van drove up and workmen piled out to repair the moat bank.The bird flew off and I did not relocate.This distant shot was all I got.

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