Sunday, 26 May 2019


Having seen a Spotted Flycatcher only too briefly at Baddesley Clinton the day before Saturday morning saw me checking out the house roof again as soon as they opened. Unfortunately despite being very patient I had no luck at all.

Before I left I had a quick look round and my recent luck with getting shots of Grey Wagtails continued here as well.I saw this bird sitting on some fencing near the house but I wasn't sure what it was. 

Moving position I found out that it was a young Grey Wagtail.From then on for several minutes more came into range and I was able to get some more decent shots.

This chap sat on the main house roof for quite a while.I tried very hard to turn it into a Rock Dove but failed of course well we are a long way from seaside cliffs.I was surprised to see it ringed which for me was unusual for a Feral Pigeon.

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Sharon said...

Lovely shots of the young Grey Wagtail. Shame about the Spotted Flycatcher, although your photo in your previous post was great - I've never seen one so love seeing photos of them.