Saturday, 10 April 2010

Friday morning at Draycote Water.

A nice day was forecast so off I went to Draycote Water hoping to get some shots of the GN Divers if they were still there.It turned out to be a poor choice of venue for several reasons.

It started off well.As I set off down Farborough bank to the spit it was bright and warm and the pond was very flat and I soon found six Yellow Wagtails on the grass bank.

After this things went downhill.From the spit I walked round to the inlet but saw very little and there was no sign of the GN Divers.I'd forgotten it was school holidays and very soon the place was alive with children running along the walls,climbing on the rocks and throwing stones into the water.Also there were clouds of mozzies about that seemed to be having a contest to see who could get into my eyes first.

Did get excited when I saw this chap roosting on a boat.Good job I was alone.

The final straw came when I'd just bought myself a coffee.I decided to sit outside in the sun but didn't notice the plastic seat had a small puddle on it.My jeans soon soaked up the puddle.Oh Joy!!!!!

No other shots of note were taken.I even resorted to taking shots of Skylarks high in the sky.

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