Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A frosty morning at Marsh Lane.

Sunday morning I got up early to watch the S.Korean F1 race but it was delayed by the rain so I was able to nip across to Marsh Lane earlier than usual.It was a very cold frosty morning but luckily it was sunny.

It was a good job Brian Harris got there just before me because he was able to unfreeze the main gate padlock with his cigarette lighter.I dread to think what I would have had to use to if I had arrived first.I could have been arrested!!!!

Nothing new on the CP pool so I had to take some shots of some Teal that were pretty close in.

When we couldn't find the female Pintail from the Oak hide we went to the Railway hide to try our luck there.A bit of a surprise when we opened the flaps to find a couple of foxes.

Brian eventually found the Pintail but it was a long way off and asleep.When it woke up the miserable so and so flew off even further away so I was only able to take a crappograph.I'm getting a lot of those lately.