Saturday, 23 October 2010

Still struggling locally.

As soon as some Thursday morning gardening was beginning to attack my back muscles (it doesn't take much these days) I decided to pack it in and go across to Marsh Lane with the camera.

As usual there were loads of Gulls,Ducks,Lapwings and Geese about but I could not find the female Pintail or anything else special.A flock of Redwings did fly over but that was all.

I spent an hour near the crop field trying to get a shot of a hunting Kestrel but the miserable so and so would not come near me for a decent shot.Didn't take many shots and here are the some of the few I took.In the shot of the Greylags landing there is a Goose I'm not sure of maybe a hybrid Barnacle??

On Friday I went to Brandon Marsh and it was a very nice morning when I arrived.The birding didn't match the weather and there was almost nothing about to point the camera at.I've done very poorly lately at Brandon Marsh.

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