Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Upton Warren visit.

After doing the shopping in Knowle on Monday morning and seeing it was another cracking day I decided to pay a visit to Upton Warren with fingers crossed that I would see something decent which was long overdue.

Went to the Moors first and walked to the small hide by the car park.In the frosty bright morning the view from the hide was superb.Unfortunately there were no decent birds to see except for a brief showing of a Cetti's skipping on the ice in one of the channels.No pics as the little swine had picked the one channel that was in the shade.

Visited the other hides but again there was nothing decent to be seen.Never used the camera once.

I then took the short drive to the Flashes and went straight to the big hide at the end of the path.It was empty which did not bide well and this proved to be the case with the only birds of interest being a couple of Common Snipe.I entertained myself by taking shots of any birds that landed in the nearby bushes.

Having failed again to see anything decent I headed home via Hanbury where I grabbed a cup of tea and cake at the craft centre.You can see how desperate I was to take some shots I was shooting landscapes.

Whilst wandering round the craft centre grounds in the warm afternoon sun I spotted this Bengal Eagle Owl resting on a fence.Unfortunately it had been let out by the falconry for some exercise and was not a wild bird.That would have broken my run of not seeing anything good.

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