Sunday, 31 October 2010

Out in the sunshine.

As soon as I saw that Saturday was going to be sunny I decided I must get out with the camera and see what was about locally.

Went across to Draycote Water getting there fairly early in the morning.Walked down the Farborough Bank upto the spit in calm warm weather but it was very quiet birdwise with almost nothing on the water and only a few Meadow Pipits on the banks.

I then walked past the centre as far as the jetty and although there were more birds on the water here there was nothing of note except for a couple of Goldeneyes who were too far out for a decent shot.

As I looked towards Rainbow Corner I saw a wader fly in.Wow a wader!!! I hadn't seen one for a while now so I raced over to see if I could find it.I say raced over I can't race any more but I eventually got there and soon found my wader on the shoreline.It was a Common Sandpiper not a spectacular find but very welcome.

After a bit of lunch I went to the kiosk by the centre for a coffee.This turned out to be a mistake as the coffee I had not only cost £1.60 but looked like and tasted like muddy canal water.The taste remained in my mouth all the way to Brandon Marsh which was my next port of call.

The weather by this time was very good and quite warm.It really was a pleasure to walk round but,yes there is a but, there was very little around to point the camera at.Brandon Marsh is not on form lately I don't think anything decent has been reported there for ages.These are the only shots I could manage in a three hour stay.

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Kevin Groocock said...

A good day out, Max. I'm just happy to try and get the common birds in a different pose. I think I will concentrate on Robins and Coots! Nice Great Grey Shrike at Napton today but not so nice weather!