Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Some local birding.

This is the first post I have been able to do since my visit to Norfolk not because I haven't been out with the camera but because I've seen nothing at all when I have been out.I've been to Marsh Lane three times and Brandon Marsh once in the last few days and have had almost nothing to point the camera at.Brandon Marsh last Saturday in particular was very poor.

In fairness to Marsh Lane the weather was very poor each time I went and these are the only shots I managed.

When I saw this morning the weather was going be to be sunny I shot over to Napton Reservoir for the Bearded Tit reported there the day before.I'd never been before but found the place pretty easily and joined up with a few other birders watching the reedbed. I was lucky and got this shot almost straight away.

If you believe that you'll believe anything.I took that shot a couple of years ago at Cley in Norfolk.At Napton after 90 minutes waiting I never heard the Bearded Tit let alone see it.The reed bed it was supposed to be in was huge and covered several hectares (probably viewable from space) so finding it was going to need a lot of luck.

I then left to have a look at Napton on the Hill another spot I'd not been to.Luckily Keith, who also gave up with the Beardie, kindly showed me round.It was a bit windy by now as we walked from the church to the windmill but we did see a few Fieldfares,a flock of Redwings over,3 Ravens putting on an aerial display and a Common Buzzard.

Had a quick look at Draycote Water but there was very little to see and it was very windy by this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Max, followed your link from Bird Forum and your post on Jpeg Vs RAW. Great Blog you have here and some super pictures. I'm not going to get bogged down in the RAW Vs Jpeg debate but to me it looks as though you're doing just fine with Jpeg. I shoot RAW and to be honest have hard drives bursting at the seams with pictures as a result.
I'll be back for another regular read. Great stuff

Max Silverman said...

Thanks Andrew.

The Raw question is interesting but round here as I am the only photographer using jpegs I am going to give raw a good go.

Kevin Groocock said...

Only 90 minutes, Max - took me over two hours! You had me going with the BT image before I read the post! With your luck (re: Bluethroat!), anything was possible! Glad you found Napton on the Hill.

Max Silverman said...

I've got no patience which is not good for a birder.Some birders at Napton had been waiting patiently that morning since dawn.I hope thy saw it.