Monday, 3 January 2011

A Warwickshire List.

Lots of my friends each year do a Warwickshire List and I thought that this year I would have a go.A few of them seem to get around 180 ticks but that is going to be way beyond me.

I have cheated a bit and have used the old Warwickshire boundaries to include Knowle because that's where I live and to include Marsh Lane which is my nearest local patch.

My start has been poor with only 35 ticks so far but it began well with a lesser Redpoll visiting the garden on Saturday morning.

A visit to Marsh Lane on Sunday morning was also a bit disappointing with the pools still frozen over but I did get a Tree Sparrow on the Oak Hide feeders.

There were several Gulls on the ice some of them immature which gave me a problem with ID so if you can help please do so.One of the immature Gulls was bigger than a nearby LBB Gull so a GBB Gull? Is that a Herring Gull at the back of one of the shots?


Pete Walkden said...

Good luck with the list Max. If you frequent Marsh Lane again soon, you might add a jack snipe and bittern to the list, as both have been reported lately.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Pete.Need some decent weather though.