Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Morning Visit to Brandon Marsh.

Tuesday morning I headed off to Brandon Marsh again to try and get some decent of shots of anything that was about.Got there just before 10.00AM to find it chilly and a bit gloomy.Oh Dear.

Soon got onto a Willow Warbler which is pretty easy as there are loads of them around and also managed a few shots of a Treecreeper before it shuffled round the back of the tree.

Had another battle with my mate the Cetti's Warbler that hangs out near the Baldwin Hide but he easily beat me and I didn't manage one shot.Thinking I'd sussed out the circuit it was using I was laying in wait for it to turn up but the cunning so and so had doubled back on me and sung out in the tree right next to me.It was so loud I did a little jump in the air.

Did have some success further down the main path when I spotted my first Common Whitethroat of the year (Warks year tick 104).Couldn't get a decent shot as it was in the gloom of a low bush.

Popped into the East Marsh hide to find no Crake watchers.It's not been seen since Saturday.

I struggled to get any decent shots for the rest of the morning although I did spot a male Blackcap who was singing his heart out in the gloom of the New Hare Covert.Still can't get a decent female shot though.

Back in the car park there were some Swallows zooming around but I failed to get any decent flight shots.Had to make do with some wire shots.

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