Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Off to Upton Warren.

Except for a quick visit to Marsh Lane on Sunday I hadn't been out with the camera for a few days so on Tuesday morning I went over to Upton Warren fingers crossed the two Red-necked Phalaropes were still on the flashes.

There was good and bad news when I entered the main hide.The good was that one of the RN Phalaropes was still present but the bad news was it was as far away as possible from the hide.I was going to have to be patient which is not one of my strong points.Whilst waiting it was nice to see all the Avocets especially the young ones.

After a wait of two hours the RNP had come no closer and as they are not much bigger than a Dunlin I need them to be very close to get a decent shot.As with the Night Heron please don't laugh at my shots.

I decided to drive home via the country route and stopped at the craft centre at Hanbury for a coffee.It was a good move because I spotted this chap in a field having a good meal.

Unfortunately it was with it's handler and not a wild bird.

After the coffee I headed back to Knowle and decided to check out the churchyard for Spotted Flycatchers.Last year I found them in the churchyards at Berkswell and Knowle but this year I've not seen one at all.No luck again I'm afraid.They are getting harder to find.

Whilst searching the churchyard I came across a couple of Goldcrests catching insects for their chicks presumably.I find getting decent shots of these chaps very hard as they nip around too much but I thought I'd have another go.

I decided to plonk myself down on a tree stump that was near a tree that they were occasionally visiting.Yet again there was good news and bad news.The good news was I got a few shots.The bad news was when I got off the tree stump I discovered it had been sealed with some tarry stuff and loads of it was on the seat of my favourite jeans.Bugger Bugger !!!

Things didn't get better when I drove home because my brain must have still been in thicko mode and I sat down on the car seat and transferred some of the tarry stuff onto the seat.Bugger Bugger !!!!

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