Thursday, 2 June 2011

Out in the sun.

It was a lovely morning on Thursday as I headed over to Brandon Marsh for the first visit for ages.I decided to head past the wind pump and go that way round the reserve taking my time checking everything out just like real birders do.

This seemed to be a good plan but it wasn't as it turned out.Not because I didn't see anything which I did but because if I'd done my usual thing at Brandon Marsh and make a bee line for the East Marsh hide I would have seen the Osprey that flew around for a while at 9.30AM.Bugger Bugger !!

I had a pleasant walk the way I went and it was nice to see Warblers feeding their young.The most pleasing for me was getting some shots of a Reed Warbler a bird that this year had avoided me.

After a bite of lunch on the Newlands bench and seeing that the place was filling up with half termers I left and headed back home but not before another go at the Goldcrests in Knowle.

They took some finding this time but I eventually got onto them.What cracking birds they are and they are so small.One landed right next to me on a grave stone and it didn't seem to be much bigger than a bumblebee.I understand they weigh the same as a 10p piece.

I struggled to get any decent shots as usual.Not only do they ping around a lot but they are often in the gloom of a tree and the camera speed is so slow it's useless getting a sharp shot.

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