Monday, 20 June 2011

Tawny Owls

As it was sunny and warm today I popped over to Marsh Lane lunchtime to see if I could see the Tawny Owl chicks inside the gloom of their nesting box.

Having stared into the gloomy depths of the box from the main path about 70 metres away for half an hour and seeing no movement at all I gave up and went to a couple of hides.Sometime later I thought I'd have another go before I dashed home for a cup of tea but yet again there was no movement in the box.

Just as I was about to move into swearing mode something in the tree a few feet above the box caught my eye.My God it was one of the Tawny Owl chicks!!!!! I then spotted the other one just a bit to the right of the box.Both of them were out.

Here are a couple of my first Tawny Owl shots.I know they are crappographs but they were taken from about 70 metres away and it was gloomy in the depth of the tree but for once I don't care a jot.I was chuffed to see these cracking young birds let alone get a shot.


Pete Walkden said...

They're cute Max! Might have to drop in on Saturday - I assume I need to use the hide by the woods for this - the 2 level one?

Got some shots of an adult myself on Saturday...

Max Silverman said...

No Pete.They are very hard to find now but they are in the main part of the reserve and could be in any of the trees.