Thursday, 21 July 2011

The struggle to get decent shots continues.

Having been trapped indoors for a few days with all this rain this fair-weather birder thought sod it and went across to Marsh Lane Tuesday lunchtime for a quick look round.It was gloomy but not raining when I drove into the car park.

On the car park pool I thought I'd spotted something good when I saw three ducks but after a while I realised they were juvenile Shellducks.The rest of the pool was quiet with only the odd LRP flitting about on the islands.

From the causeway I tried to get some shots of the many Common Terns whizzing about with fish in their beaks presumably for their chicks but my efforts were very poor because of the gloomy weather (excuses excuses).You can tell how poor my shots were this is my best.

From the Oak hide I was pleased with seeing a couple of Common Sandpipers which I haven't seen for while.

Mid morning on Wednesday I went over to Brandon Marsh for a couple of hours.Again it was a bit gloomy but the rain had held off.Managed a couple of shots of what I think is a young Chiffchaff by the sheepfield but there was nothing else about.

The only thing on offer from the Carlton hide was a couple of the long staying Green Sandpipers and nothing else. A KF flew through twice but never stopped the miserable sod.

In the woods I looked for Green Woodpeckers and Jays for a shot or two but these two chaps must be the most nervous of all birds because you cannot get any where near them before they fly of to the next county.All I got was a distant shot of a Jay.

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