Thursday, 1 September 2011

Some more local birding.

Earlier in the week I popped over to Marsh Lane hoping the Black Tern was still about so I could get a better shot than last Sunday's crappographs.

The good news was it was still there but the miserable so and so still was a long way off so no better shots.Although I've seen these chaps several times over the years I've yet to get a decent shot.

I made a major mistake on Tuesday morning by deciding to cut down a dead conifer in my back garden myself rather than calling someone in.It's unbelievable to think that this body nearly half a century ago use to burst through defences and score spectacular goals but now cannot even cut down a small tree without getting completely exhausted.Half an hour after completing my task I was pretty certain that my right arm had died.What a wimp!!!!

So on Wednesday morning I was very knackered as I arrived in the car park at Draycote Water which did not bide well as you have to do a lot of walking there if you want to find anything.As I struggled up to the centre things got dramatically worse when my camera detached itself from my lens (my lens is attached to my carrying strap) and bounced on the tarmac footpath.My heart stopped and I let out a piercing scream.Luckily the darned thing still worked and just like me is looking a bit battered.

Once my heart started to beat again I decided to walk to the inlet rather than to the spit which is a risk for me because the inlet is a point of no return for me and if I go any further to get back I have to call in the rescue services.

The weather was great and it was a nice walk.There were a few waders about including Common Sandpipers,Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers and a couple of Greenshanks (No Little Stint).

At the inlet the trees there were quite lively with birds including Chiff Chaffs and Lesser Whitethroats but were too lively for me to get any decent shots.

This morning as I was eating breakfast this chap landed on a distant neighbours roof.At first I hoped it was something special (the white neck patch fooled me) but I am pretty certain it's a juvenile Sparrowhawk (?)

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