Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bridge 53.

Bridge 53.That's an intriguing title to this post.Well I hope it is but that's for a bit later.

On Wednesday morning I got up and found I was in superwimp mode.I'd done a bit of tree branch sawing yesterday afternoon and now I'd got back ache and shoulder pains.How pathetic !!! However the sun was shining so I loaded up with Ibruprufen and headed out with the camera to Draycote Water.

On the way I headed to Napton Reservoir to see if the BN Grebe was still there.It was but a long way off so I had to be patient till it came into range of my camera.However when it did the sun was directly behind it so very tricky to get any shots .What a moaner !!! Cracking bird though.

I then went to Draycote Water but by this time the sun had gone in,the clouds had rolled in and of course the wind was blowing strongly so when I met up with Kath I was only too pleased to take her to Napton to see the BN Grebe.We soon found it at the top end and she managed some great shots.

Whilst at Napton the bird text alert went off to tell me the Manx Shearwater unbelievable seen on the canal at Hatton Locks by Bridge 53 was still there so as it was on my way home I shot over there.Parked up at Hatton Locks car park and raced down to Bridge 53 (yes I did race it's downhill).

Got to Bridge 53 no birders and no bird Bugger Bugger !!!!!! As I struggled back up the path I was still in birding mode and a fair way away from Bridge 53 (by lock 38) I spotted this chap on the bank.I immediately noticed we had something in common we were both completely knackered.


Kevin Groocock said...

You did better with the BN Grebe than I did - it was across in the reeds! Not sure about the Manx Shearwater on the canal - it will probably succumb.

Max Silverman said...

The Manxie was taken into care.Hope my pics helped with this.