Sunday, 12 February 2012

A visit to a frozen Brandon Marsh.

As it was sunny for a change on Saturday morning I decided to brave the icy conditions and pay a visit to Brandon Marsh knowing I would be lucky to get any shots with all the ponds being frozen up.

Got a shot of this chap near the centre but I'm not sure what it is.A Reed Bunting ?

Had a long walk past the golf course which although enjoyable in the sunshine did not produce any birds at all.I was a bit surprised to see some open water near Willow island when I entered the EM hide.It was full of birds including a pair of Goosanders.Too far for my lens so all I could get is this heavily cropped crappograph.

I then went to the Carlton hide to have a couple of rolls I'd prepared.They had partly frozen in my pocket and were not very nice and the Twix bar was like biting into concrete.Whilst I was battling through my lunch a Water Rail appeared very briefly to the left of the hide.

Thinking it had gone for good it suddenly appeared in front of the hide and scuttled away on the ice.

Not to be outdone a Pheasant tried his luck walking on the ice but didn't like it much and flew off.

By this time frostbite was settling in so I decided to set off for home.


Christian said...

Super pheasant flight shots Max.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Christian.

Pete Walkden said...

Love the water rail on ice. Cracking shot.

Isn't the mystery bird simply a house sparrow? Female one...