Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday morning at Marsh Lane.

Popped over early on Sunday morning to Marsh Lane.It was a chilly but fine spring morning when I entered the Car Park hide.There were a few Common Snipe in front of the hide and a couple of Redshank and a lone Lapwing.

I joined a couple of friends and we walked down to the Oak hide.As we entered I said to Brian Harris " Brian find me a Med Gull " less than a minute later he'd found one.Here are a few shots I managed which are  record shots only but very nice to see.


Anonymous said...

The Med Gull ia a hybrid

Max Silverman said...

Apparently not.There were 2 birds at Marsh Lane on Sunday.The local experts have said that the morning bird (this one) is a Med Gull and the afternoon bird (not seen by me) was a hybrid.

Anonymous said...

The local experts don't know much then the photo shows a hybrid