Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Back to visiting a churchyard.

Having had a couple of disappointing visits to local patches in the last few days on Monday morning I decided to play it safe and go over to my favourite churchyard in Napton where I knew I could well get some shots of a decent bird.

All right there is usually only one decent bird there to get shots of but what a bird !!!! Spotted Flycatchers for me are right up there with Hobbies,Barn Owls and Waxwings as my favourite birds.

Got there just before 10.00AM and had the place to myself.What I also like about visiting this place is that all you need to do is park up,walk about 10 metres,sit down on your stool and wait for the SF's to turn up.No long treks through mud!!!!

I was lucky and my little friends soon turned up and put on a very good display.I don't know if they are used to me but several times they flew within a few feet of me chasing flies.Magic!!!!

Here are a few shots taken when they landed on the gravestones.

I was less successful taking shots of them with flies.

I struggled badly trying for flight shots.They were simply too fast.Here is my only shot that was worth keeping.

I managed a few shots of the pair together but only one was good enough to keep.


midlands birder said...

Awsome Photos!
Still not had one this year!

Max Silverman said...

Cheers MB.Give Napton a go.