Sunday, 24 June 2012

A visit to Brandon Marsh.

We are definitely in the summer birding doldrums now and there is very little around locally at the moment.So on Saturday morning when I got to Brandon Marsh for my first visit for ages I was not at all confident of finding anything decent.

It was quite windy and much duller than the weather man promised me as I visited each of the hides.It was no surprise that there was nothing to be seen and all the birders I met up with also had not had any luck.The only fun I had was trying to get shots of some Reed Warblers that were flitting around in a reed bed.This was not easy as they kept low down in the reeds most of the time.Managed a few decent shots in the gloomy conditions.

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Keith (Boatbirder) said...

Ahoy Max, I noticed a colour ring configuration on one of your Reedies so if it's OK with you can I pass this image on to Jim for some investigation?



PS Not sure if you've seen the local newspaper but there are reports of a prowler being seen regularly at Napton Churchyard, so they've locked up all the silver ;)