Saturday, 30 June 2012

Staying local.

I had not been out with the camera for a few days due to the lousy weather so on Saturday morning I was determined to go out but decided to stay local as yet again rain had been forecast.

Went to Knowle churchyard after breakfast to see if the Goldcrests were still showing but after an hour's search I couldn't see or hear  them.In fact birdwise it was very poor and all I got was shots of young Blue  and Coal Tits and these were at distance.Should have stayed in.

After lunch I had another go and went over to Berkswell churchyard to see if any Spotted Flycatchers had visited this year.I met up with a birder there who told me he had definitely seen one back in May and possibly seen one half an hour ago.

Right at the back of the churchyard I spotted a Green Woodpecker and managed a couple of shots.This is a good place for Green Woodpeckers.

Just as I had decided to give up this chap landed on a distant gravestone.

The good news was that there were two Spotted Flycatchers.One was on a gravestone and the other was in a nearby tree.The bad news was they soon flew off and did not return while I was there so I don't know if they were passing through or are resident.I will try again when it's less windy.

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