Monday, 2 July 2012

A bit of a hectic morning.

I had not planned to go out with the camera on Sunday morning but when I was up early and for a change the weather was fine I thought I'd better get out there as rain was forecast for all of next week.Finding somewhere to go was not easy but at the moment the only show in town is at a churchyard in Napton.

I already got some decent Spotted Flycatcher shots so I didn't need any more but I knew I'd meet up with some fellow photographers there and it was somewhere decent to go.Got there just before 8.00AM and was surprised to see I'd got the place to myself.I sat down on my stool in my usual spot and immediately both my little friends were showing very well coming amazingly close on occasions.

Seeing these cracking birds was the good news.The bad news was the wind that was supposed to calm down was blowing strongly and it was bitterly cold and here were are at the beginning of July.All right then all I have to do is to get something warm out of the car.Unfortunately to do this you have to have intelligence and planning and all I had that morning was stupidity.I hadn't bought anything warm.What a loser!!!

Three other photographers turned up not long after 8.00AM.They had come from Worcester so the Napton Spotted Flycatchers are the only show in town.One of them amused me when he said it was "warmer than this last December" but he was able to get some warm clothing from his car.They were soon getting some decent shots and I managed a couple with insects.

As it was a Sunday morning it was no surprise when the church bells began to peal.However it was a surprise when they sounded so awful.I don't know if the ringer was a novice or the bells had cracked but it was grim stuff and we had to cover our ears.The SF's didn't seem to mind.

By 10.30AM  the SF's weren't quite so active and as I was so damn cold I decided to leave.

Half way home I received a text  "3 BN Grebes on CP pool at Marsh Lane".I've got some decent shots of BN Grebes but none in Summer plumage so I didn't need much persuading to make the detour to Marsh Lane.I spent well over an hour in the hide but the Grebes were not playing ball and remained far to far away for my lens and all I got were some crappographs but a nice ML tick.

I'm not saying were I saw this female Ruddy Duck in case someone turns up the next day with a gun.These are very rare now.First I'd seen for ages.

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