Friday, 6 July 2012

Getting fed up with the Marsh Lane Black-necked Grebes.

It's great to see some Black-necked Grebes at Marsh Lane my nearest local patch however despite going there 4 days on the trot and waiting patiently in the Carpark hide none of them have come anywhere close for me to get a half decent shot.

The two that appear to be a pair stay right against the reeds at the North end and never venture away from this end.The third bird is a little more adventurous and will come a little closer but when it gets to a certain spot along the west bank it heads back.Very annoying!!!! This is the sort of shot I am getting.A good example of a crappograph.

To cheer me up a bit a Little Egret made a short visit.

On Thursday the weather was surprisingly good so yet again I headed down south to Napton where some friends had planned to get some Spotted Flycatcher shots.I arrived a little after 10.00AM and joined some photographers one of whom had travelled a fair distance to see them having seen our shots on the internet.Although I didn't need any more shots I couldn't resist joining in.

A couple of the photographers said how amazed they were with how close the birds would come and just to prove the point one of them probably needing a rest from feeding the chicks ( there are at least 3 and possibly 4 chicks) settled down on a nearby gravestone and stayed for a few minutes.Of all the gravestones in the churchyard it chose the nearest to us photographers.Here it is constantly calling out.

A Kestrel paid a very short visit but soon shot off.All I could get was this shot.

I tried for some shots with food caught in their beaks.

On the way home I called in at Marsh Lane and surprise surprise the BN Grebes were miles away from the hide.I bet at night they come down to party right in front of the hide.


Brandon Birder said...

Max, it was a pleasure meeting you twice at Napton. Your blog is excellent and your images wonderful.

Max Silverman said...

Cheers Richard.I am going to check out your shots.Nice to meet you as well.

Anonymous said...

"Of all the gravestones in the churchyard it chose the nearest to us photographers. Here it is constantly calling out."
Do you photographers not have any brains? It was wasting it's precious time trying to get you to move away, have you no field craft or knowledge of bird behaviour? Why keep going back time and time again disturbing the birds and mob handed too, just hope the woman photographer and her partner were not there as they were at the Ring Ouzels where she got her partner to bash the bushes so she could get her flight shot. Take your photographs but please be aware of your actions and by posting your shots online it will inevitably encourage more people to descend on a site with dire consequences for the flora and fauna. Its no wonder more and more scarce Warwickshire birds are now being suppressed.