Thursday, 14 March 2013

After the Green-winged Teal again.

Very bravely on Wedneday morning I went over to Brandon Marsh to once again to try and get a decent shot of the Green-winged Teal.Bravely because the day before I'd spent a bitterly cold hour waiting for the Bittern to come out on the ice at Marsh Lane.I got so cold I'd thought I'd never thaw out again.It didn't come out of course.

Although it was cold at Brandon it was nowhere as cold as the day before.I soon got to the River pool hide and it took me ages to find the Teal which was way off at the back of the pool and well to the right.I waited for an hour and it did not make any progress nearer so with a lot of swearing I gave up.

I then went for a walk round but had no luck in any of the hides not using the camera once.After a while in the Carlton hide which was particularly depressing (I'm sure the other 3 birders there were crying) I left for the cafe knowing a chat to the pretty waitress would cheer me up.

On the way back to the cafe I could not resist another look on the River pool but when I got in the hide it was empty.Oh Dear!! Not a good sign.When I opened one of the flaps and saw a couple of Teal near the hide I said to myself "Why couldn't the GWT come close like you two chaps" Yes you've guessed one of them was the GWT.Yippeee !!!  Although the light wasn't good I was chuffed at long last to get some decent shots. 

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