Friday, 15 March 2013

Jack Snipe.

The sun was shining on Thursday morning so I went over to Marsh Lane getting there at 9.30 AM.It was very cold indeed and it was no surprise to find the Car Park pool frozen over.

At the causeway screens I impressed a birder who had been there an hour and had failed to see the Bittern when I  found it straight away.Mind you it was perched a metre off the ground.

I bumped into the same birder in the Oak hide a little later and he was once again impressed when I soon spotted a Jack Snipe.He must have thought I was a top birder.Little did he know !!!

There were in fact 2 Jack Snipe amongst numerous Common Snipe in the marsh.One right at the back  and one a little closer on the left hand side.Managed some decent shots including one with both a Jack and a Common in the same frame.

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