Sunday, 17 March 2013

Redshanks at Marsh Lane.

Went out early this morning chasing some Waxwings reported yesterday in Solihull not far from where I live.Checked out the road a few times but had no luck and could not see where they would go as there were no berries on any of the trees.

I gave up pretty quickly and decided to head over to Marsh Lane.Got there not long after 8.00 AM by which time it had become gloomy,damp and cold.I'm getting fed up with this continuous cold weather.

There was a Little Egret on the car park pool but it was miles away.A Curlew flew over but I didn't see it.The Bittern was not showing for me this morning which was my first miss for ages.Has it gone .

Caught a glimpse of a Jack Snipe in the marsh from the Oak hide but that was all.The only success with the camera was getting my first shots of the year of a couple of Redshanks that were on the railway pool.                

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