Monday, 15 April 2013


This morning I went over to Brandon Marsh hoping that the Garganeys reported yesterday were still there.They were but the miserable so and so's were fast asleep on an island on the East Marsh pool.

Soon getting fed up I went for a walk but sometime later when I checked them again they were still asleep.By this time I was beginning to think they might be dead or plastic models because they had not moved in two hours.

I foolishly dismissed  it as rubbish when a grey haired lady in the corner of the hide said that she had seen a Pied Flyctcher at the far end of the tip area.Fifteen minutes later when I was on the path by the golf club a friend phoned me and said he'd got a Pied Flycatcher just past the tip area.Damn and blast !!!!! I was miles away.

When I finally got there very hot and breathless it had gone.Even worse the two friends (Jeff Rankin and Bob Duckhouse) showed me the cracking shots they'd taken.

An hour later it still hadn't shown again but that legendary birder Bob Duckhouse found a Common Redstart.This I did see.A cracking male but it was too flighty for me to get any pics.

I had a third go at the Garganeys and managed some decent shots so it wasn't all misses but very nearly.  

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