Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I hadn't planned to go with the camera today but when,as lunchtime approached,I saw that it was a bit warmer and quite bright I set off to Shustoke Reservoir where several local birders had got some cracking shots of a Kittiwake over the weekend. I was hoping it was still there but usually whenever I leave it too late the bird I'm after has long gone.

I was not very confident as I walked from the car park to the west end of the reservoir as I could see only one birder in the distance.Just when I was approaching the birder who was checking something out on the water I spotted the Kittiwake not too far out.A very nice local patch tick and a very nice bird which I believe is a second winter bird.


Anonymous said...

Tut tut Max. Economical with the truth there. Hughie King

Max Silverman said...

Hi Hughie.Nice to have met you.Yes I bent the truth a little.I will correct.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Max. Nice photos. Hughie.