Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Although the weather was awful just before lunch on Wednesday I went over to Marsh Lane to see if the 24 Dunlin and the 3 Sanderlings were still about.

They had moved on and to make matters worse the bitterly cold wind was blasting through the flaps of the Oak hide making it very uncomfortable.So when Andy Hale said there was a Black Tern at Shustoke I didn't hesitate and headed off there.

There was good and bad news at Shustoke.The good was that the Black Tern was showing.The bad news was that it was showing miles away right across the reservoir and if anything it was colder and windier here than Marsh Lane.All I could grab was a couple of crappographs.

Flying round the reservoir were at least 2000 Swifts.I'd never seen so many in one place before. Couldn't resist having a go yet again with the camera.Did a bit better this time.

An unexpected bonus was when a Kittiwake (not the one seen there some time ago but a new bird apparently) flew fairly close. 

After an hour I was frozen solid and had to head home to thaw out.Despite the weather an enjoyable trip.

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