Friday, 17 May 2013


On Thursday morning I was very pleased to see that the January weather of yesterday had reverted back to what you'd expect for mid May so without much hesitation I went over to Brandon Marsh getting there just after 8.30 AM

I decided to give the hides a miss and have a look at the wooded areas and reed beds etc. but although it was very pleasant walking round after 2 hours I'd not used the camera at all.It was pretty quiet.The day was saved not this time by the film star waitress but by one of my favourite birds Hobbies.

Three Hobbies were performing over the Newlands and could be seen from the screens.Often distant and flying low over the water but what a wonderful site to see these fabulous birds.Took loads of shots over a two hour period the vast majority being total rubbish  but managed to fluke a few decent ones.

Luckily occasionally one of them would perch on the dead tree.

On one occasion two of them fancied the same perch and they had a set to.

Managed a few flight shots that weren't out of focus.

They were feeding well but on what with no dragonflies about was not certain.Mayflies ?

After 2 hours of trying for Hobby shots my neck,shoulders and back were screaming out in agony so before I turned into a zombie I headed off to the cafe where a smile from the film star waitress soon revived me.