Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Yes I went out this morning with the camera when there were thunderstorms all over the place.Pretty amazing when I am president of the fair weather birders club.

So how did this come about.I'd been out early shopping in Knowle and was in the Kitchen unloading the purchases I'd made.I was also feeling sorry for myself as I'd been feeling lousy lately in all this hot weather when I received a text from Nic Barlow "Wood Sandpiper on CP pool". No one was more surprised than me when I said Sod it !! I'm going for this.

Got to the car park at Marsh Lane not long after 9.00 AM just as another thunderstorm was going start.Wanting to get in the hide dry I jumped out the car with the camera unaware that I'd parked in a puddle and my feet got soaked. Damnation !!!

Two friends Brian and Pete were in the hide and pointed out the WS which was of course at the far end of the furthest island.Also it was very dark and the thunderstorm broke and the rain cascaded down.All I got in the first hour were these crappographs but still very nice to see.

Between storms it did get a bit brighter and a little closer but not close enough for my lens.I still do not have a good shot of a Wood Sandpiper but did enjoy trying in horrendous weather this morning.It was still there when I left at 11.00 AM

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