Sunday, 28 July 2013


On Saturday morning when I saw that by late morning heavy rain would arrive I thought that if I was going out with the camera I'd better go very early.As I hadn't been to Brandon Marsh for a while I headed off there.

I entered to the Steetly hide just before 8.00 AM and was surprised to find it empty.There were no Kingfisher watchers there !!!! I gave it half an hour but saw nothing so I headed off.By this time it was a cracking morning sunny,warm and very still but unfortunately there were no birds around and it wasn't till I was near the Carlton hide that I met up with another birder.It was that Brandon legend and photographer Keith Yates.

Keith and I spent a while at the Newlands screens and although there were plenty of butterflies and dragonflies around there were very few birds.In fact the only shots I took were of a young Goldfinch that was wearing a nice hat.

On the walk back I popped into the Teal Pool hide again.There was an unfortunate Lapwing with a badly injured leg but it seemed to be managing quite well and a lone Green Sandpiper.There was no sign of yesterday's Wood Sandpiper that showed so well.

By midday I'd had enough and headed home.On Sunday morning I headed off to Marsh Lane to see if anything had dropped in after the overnight rain.

There was good news and bad news.The good was that there was a Wood Sandpiper on the railway pool.The bad was that yet again it was a long way off and it soon went out of site.

When I left there was a bit of disturbing news.By the main gate by the cottages there was a chap sitting behind a small desk on a chair.He was doing a survey who was using the old road.This was in connection with the high speed train construction and the use of this area as a construction depot/compound.Oh Dear !!!


Keith (Boatbirder) said...

How many times must I tell you Mr Silverman I'm a birder with a camera lol!!!



P.s legend my arse!!!

Max Silverman said...

I've not seen you for ages without your camera Keith.This photographer tag creeps up on you without you realising it !!!!!