Sunday, 1 September 2013


Fed up with moping around all day on Saturday and feeling sorry for myself I decided on Sunday morning to get out there however grotty I felt.I plumped to go again to Earlswood lakes to see if the Black Tern was still there.

Got there at 8.30 AM and couldn't see it flying around from the causeway so I headed down to see if it was on the central island on the engine pool.It was.That's the third day I believe it's been there

Eventually it flew around the lake and again I had a hell of a job getting any decent shots.I fluked a couple of pretty decent ones.

Luckily for me Matt Griffiths was on the causeway and he was very helpful in pointing out a Med. Gull that landed on the Windmill pool.It was fairly close but right into the sun but still very nice to see.

After an hour I was knackered and surprisingly despite the weak sunshine pretty cold so off home I went.

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