Friday, 13 September 2013


Still very much in wimp mode I haven't been able to go out too far with the camera this last week. I've managed only one visit to Earlswood lakes and a couple of quick visits to Marsh Lane.

After the recent excitement of the Black Tern at Earlswood lakes my visit earlier in the week proved fruitless and all I got was a shot of a juvenile Great Crested Grebe.There was nothing else about. 

My first visit to Marsh Lane also found it very quiet except with a report earlier that day a Honey Buzzard had been seen not too far away I thought I was on to something but alas no.all I got was a Common Buzzard.

I thought I was on to something on yesterday's visit to Marsh Lane when from the causeway I spotted a Hobby hawking for dragonflies.I rattled off a few shots and settled down to get more as there were loads of dragonflies about but the miserable so and so flew off  into the distance and was not seen again.

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