Monday, 2 September 2013


Hope this blog is not getting boring because it was the only show in town I went again over to Earlswood Lakes to see if the Black Tern was still around..I got there just before mid day and as soon as I reached the causeway and scanned the lakes it appeared right in front of me.

I'm pretty certain it had been waiting for me to turn up because for the next hour it put on an excellent display.Mind you Matt Griffiths was there too so I suppose that it was really putting on a display for him.Did manage a few better shots this time but as usual I had loads and loads of crappographs.

On one occasion it came pretty close and caught a fish but being a juvenile it dropped it and tried to find it but failed.Very interesting to watch.

After just over an hour I'd had enough and set off home.Matt left at the same time and this excellent bird that was showing so well had no birders to show off to.


midlands birder said...

Stunning photos Max, when i was there Saturday the Tern was showing down to 15ft off the C'way, stunning views!

Keith (Boatbirder) said...

What do you mean Max, getting boring :) LOL!! Seriously though, your one up on me, no Black Terns yet this year. great shots mate...

Max Silverman said...

Cheers both.It's a cracking bird and it shows very well.