Thursday, 19 September 2013


On Tuesday I decided that because I hadn't been out with the camera much lately that whatever the weather and however wimpy I felt I would go out the next day.As I hadn't been to Brandon Marsh for ages I thought I'd go there.

This brave plan was almost dashed when on Tuesday afternoon I decided to defrost the freezer.This involved nearly two hours on all fours hacking at ice which left my back and shoulder muscles aching badly afterwards.I made another error early on Wednesday morning when I decided it was time to change the  duvet to the winter one.What a game that is putting a double duvet into it's cover.At one stage I was actually in the cover with the duvet and I'm sure it was alive because it was definitely fighting me.

After these exertions when I headed towards the Wright hide later in the morning I was not feeling on top form.I'd gone to the Wright hide first to see if the Pectoral Sandpiper was still there.It wasn't. I'd missed it by 48 hours which is par for the course.I wasn't that concerned because I'd been lucky enough to see the one at Draycote Water that showed very well almost exactly 4 years ago.

Didn't see anything then until I sat in the Teal Pool hide when a juvenile Water Rail shot across a gap between two clumps of reeds.Just managed a couple of shots before it disappeared.

A couple of old friends ( Francoise and Olly ) joined me in the hide and you can tell how pathetic we are because for the first 15 minutes we discussed the ailments we were each suffering from.

A quick look in the Carlton hide was very depressing the weed has now taken over and the area is dead.It's a shame that a once great spot has gone to the dogs in such a short time.

On the muddy and overgrown path to the Newlands screens I was lucky enough to spot a Juvenile (?) Wren singing it's heart out.

I had hoped to see a Hobby from the screens but it was all very quiet there.There was a Kestrel hunting but it didn't come close enough for a decent shot but nice to see as these are getting scarce.

I tried to get some shots of a juvenile Shellduck on the River 
pool but the light didn't help.

At lunchtime I was pretty knackered so I headed home. Didn't see anything great but nice to be out.

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