Friday, 27 September 2013


Feeling a bit depressed after a morning visit to the doctors who booked me in for four blood tests in a attempt to find out why I have been in wimp mode for ages and a bit worried that I doubted that I've got enough blood for four tests I needed cheering up so at lunchtime I headed for Marsh Lane.

I was keen to try for some shots of a pair of Hobbies that many others had seen earlier in the week.It wasn't long before I spotted one of them but it seemed to be zooming around even more than usual probably practising for it's trip to Africa that must be due soon.Amongst a vast amount of empty sky shots I did get a few decent ones.

Later on when Jeff Rankin and I had a look in the Car Park hide we spotted this chap resting in the grass.

A Bar-headed Goose.An escapee unless it had flown here all the way from Central Asia to have a look at Marsh Lane.After a while it got up walked to the water and went onto the central island.

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