Monday, 18 November 2013


Weather very poor and still no decent birds reported locally so I've done some more backtracking sorting out good birds I've photographed locally.

This cracking looking Black-necked Grebe was at Napton Res. for a while in September 2009.Often it showed with the light behind it but on occasions it went to the southern end of the reservoir and shots could be taken.

Firecrests are cracking birds but are very rare and when you are lucky enough to get onto one they ping around a lot just like their cousins Goldcrests.This is a shot of one of two that was at Alvecote pools down a very dingy lane in February 2008.

It took me ages to finally get to see a Great Grey Shrike so I was very pleased to see this chap that was at Napton on the Hill near the old quarry workings in November 2010.

Draycote Water was my favourite local patch in the Winter despite it often being bitterly cold most of the time but they used to get some cracking birds there.I say used to because the last couple of Winters it has been pretty poor.It used to get a few Great Northern Divers there every year but not lately.This shot was taken in November 2008.

Grey Phalaropes are great birds because they are usually very accommodating and are happy to come close.This one was at Shustoke Res. in September 2008 and was not at all bothered by the numerous photographers rattling off shots.

I'd seen a Green Winged Teal before when one showed fairly well at Draycote Water a few years ago in Toft but it was still a surprise to find one on the River Pool at Brandon Marsh in March 2013.The light was horrendous with dazzling reflections off the water preventing you seeing the bird let alone getting shots.I was lucky to get this shot when it for once came close.

Waxwings are cracking birds and however many shots you've already got you still want to race out and get some more when they turn up.A decent sized flock showed well in some trees in Meriden by the A45 overpass in January 2011.

In October 2011 I received a text that a Spoonbill had been reported at Draycote Water.Not believing this I sent a text to Bob Hazell who is always at Draycote in the mornings.He text back and said he hadn't seen one and then phoned back soon after to say there was one near the outfall.I raced over there and joined the crowd of birders by the outfall.

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