Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Having stayed in over the weekend and despite the very cold weather I braved the conditions Monday lunchtime and headed over to my closest local patch Marsh Lane.I had put loads of layers on because at my age if your thermals are penetrated by the cold the result could be fatal.

Only one other birder had braved the conditions and we met up in the Oak hide.Tony also had found nothing decent so far which probably caused us to try and turn this Gull into something special but eventually we decided it was a first winter Herring Gull.

The only other bird I pointed the camera at was the Kestrel that sometimes can be seen hunting from the car park.Didn't do so well this time with the shots as he was often against the bright sunshine.

Lasted nearly two hours in the cold before racing home to get warm.Pretty pathetic really as it is yet to get really cold.

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