Sunday, 17 November 2013


Because there is very little about at all my local patches I've copied a  friend who has posted some shots he had taken in the distant past on his website so I've gone back into my records and selected shots of decent birds all taken locally but a few years ago..

A very obliging Barn Owl was at Marsh Lane for a few weeks in March 2010 mainly flying round the railway pool area and sometimes over the crop field.It usually showed up early afternoon when there was a bit of light around.The second shot is of a Barn Owl taken in Meriden in February 2011.

This shot of a Bearded Tit wasn't taken locally unfortunately but at Cley in Norfolk in September 2008.For once it was a still day enabling me to get this shot which although I've seen them many times since I've never bettered.It's about time one showed up locally.

In the Winter of 2011 we were spoiled rotten at Brandon Marsh where 3 Bitterns were present.This one was often in the channel to the left of the EM hide and was not phased by the constant clicking of cameras.Wonderful to watch.

I haven't seen many Black Redstarts over the years and this one was present for several days on some wasteland at the back of some industrial units in Coleshill in February 2009.I went a few times to see it and each time it would not come close until there were enough birders present to make it worth it's while.Great bird.

I love Divers and this Black-throated Diver was a great bird to find locally at Shustoke Res. in May 2011.It never came too close but wonderful to see.

In a field in Cropredy which is near Banbury this lone Common Crane spent a few days in March 2007.I was very lucky the day I went to see it because Dave Hutton and Steve Seal were already on site and helped me to get onto it.This is the only one I've ever seen.

It took me years to see a Dipper despite going to many places were "You cannot fail to see one" but I did.I got this one at Lathkill Dale near one of the many waterfalls on the river in April 2009.

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