Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Lured to Brandon Marsh on Monday morning by my good friend Jeff Rankin we met up in the Wright hide at not long after 9.30 AM.

As I'd not done too well on my last few visits to Brandon I was very pleased to get onto a Ruff on Willow island.It was along way off but nice to see.Things went downhill after that when we found nothing to photograph despite visiting most of the hides.

A lot of work has been done trying to get rid of the NZ pygmy weed on the Carlton pool.Let's hope it's successful.I did manage a shot of a Jay collecting acorns but that was it.

We then decided to leave Brandon and head to Marsh Lane and try again to get a shot of the Dusky Warbler.

We got to Marsh Lane at 11.15 AM and soon joined about a dozen other birders watching it but not in the horse paddock field as it was now favouring some ivy covered trees down the concrete road. 

As before it was very elusive hardly showing in the open at all and then only for a split second.This without doubt is the most unaccommodating bird I've ever come across.Including today's effort I've watched it for a total of over 12 hours and in that time I've taken only 10 shots most of those of twigs or leaves.
So how did I do with shots then ? Well I did better than the shot included in my last blog but that wouldn't be very hard as that was a dreadful shot.I did poorly again I'm afraid and managed four shots nearly all of them with the bird facing away and one with a branch in the way. 

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