Tuesday, 12 November 2013


A drake Pintail had been reported at Marsh Lane on Monday so after completing some early morning shopping on Tuesday I went over there getting there at 9.15 AM.

Met up with Jeff Rankin in the car park hide but despite scanning everywhere we could not find it.Even when Brian and Pete came into the hide a little later on and told us it had been there earlier in the morning we still could not find it.Oh Dear !!!

Jeff and I went off to the Oak hide which was a good move because we spotted a Water Rail in the marsh and we both managed to rattle off a few shots before it scurried back into the reeds.First Water Rail I'd seen there for ages.

After a while we headed back to the Car Park hide.A very cold wind had got up and it was whistling through  the flaps so just as I was thinking of heading off eagle eyed Jeff Rankin spotted the Pintail.That was the good news the bad was that it was miles away probably over the border into Worcestershire and the miserable so and so was hiding behind a tuft of grass.These are the only shots I managed.I hope you can see it.

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