Friday, 22 November 2013


I'm having a very bad run recently getting some decent birding pics so I had my fingers crossed Thursday lunchtime when I went to my local patch Marsh Lane hoping the easterly winds had blown something in.

It turned out to be a pretty frustrating couple of hours in the bright but very chilly conditions.Went straight to the Oak hide to see if the Jack Snipe was showing.It wasn't.

There were very few birds on the Railway pool due I'm sure to railway workers cutting down bushes on the embankment.What birds that were there shot off when a Sparrowhawk flew over.It landed in the tree next to the feeders but annoyingly showed only fleetingly so no shots despite it being fairly close.Did get a shot of a lone Shellduck and a Pochard but both in tricky light.

Things got even more frustrating in the Car Park hide where a Peregrine sat in a distant tree for ages and did nothing.When it finally flew off it off course went the other way and not where the food was on the islands in front of the hide.What a miserable so and so.This is all I could manage with my lens.You can just make out it's a Peregrine if you can spot it in the shot that is !!!!

So the bad run with the camera continues.

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